Our Collection Technology

Our approach is unique, we encourage payment as a result of memory imprinting technology through rapport building training. The Debt Masters Agents and or Attorneys have studied and practiced the advanced usage of the following principles: Auditory, Kinesthetic and Visual rapport.

Most clients actually want to pay their bills, unfortunately life has been allowed to alter your Company’s priority position to get PAID. We have learned that one or more of the following obstacles has greatly influenced your debtor’s decision to pay: cash flow problems, physical ailments, disputes, pending litigation, fraud, poorly managed finances; also known as PAYMENT PRIORITY DISORDERS. Our technology places your company at or near the top of food chain.

Our trained professionals search through the Debtor’s financial family, to both identify the best person to treat for the” Payment Priority Disorder” and to prescribe the most dynamic financial remedy.   Using Auditory (hearing), Kinesthetic (feeling) and Visual (seeing) rapport our Agents bring you the four letter word you want to hear “PAID”. On its surface, this information may seem obvious but our technology will impress you with the results. We believe, the “How we do it “will produce results that are unmatched by any collection service in the World, we guarantee it! We are The Debt Masters!