The Debt Masters Facts

UNIQUE: We have combined the professional expertise of a Law Firm with the power of top notch Negotiators. The combination of these forces brings a fresh, innovative and highly effective approach to accelerating your cash flow. Our Management TEAM has over 100 years worth of collection experience.

INTERNATIONAL: Providing on the spot debt recovery virtually anywhere in the world.

FULL SERVICE: Direct contact with debtors the same day the accounts are placed for collections  together with a more professionally aggressive approach results in more money being collected faster…most accounts are recovered within the first 14 days, rather than the industry norm of 15-20 weeks.

FLEXIBLE APPROACH: Not a “one-size-fits-all” program. Client may specify how each debtor is to be handled….from AMICABLE to INTENSE

LITIGATION: We have attorneys that specialize exclusively in collection litigation available to file suit anywhere in the USA and Internationally.

SPECIALIZED: Individual debtor accounts are assigned to specific agents on the basis of (1) dollar amount, (2) industry, (3) geographical consideration and (4) anticipated degree of difficulty and/or special measures deemed to be necessary for the successful conclusion “PAID”.

COMMUNICATIONS & ACCOUNTING: Prompt and regular updates verbal and/or written at the option of client.

5 DAY FREE DEMAND LETTER: If the Debtors pay you within 5 days of the date on the letter, you pay nothing. If not, the claim is automatically assigned for collections at your agreed upon rate (this letter must be requested prior to assignment).

CONTINGENCY RATES: You pay for success, nothing less. Rates are assessed based on the number of accounts assigned, the dollar amount and age of the account. Rates range from 10-45%.

14 DAY GUARANTEE:   We are the Originators of the of the 14 day Guarantee, unmatched by  any Agency anywhere. We will guarantee results on your account within 14 days, if we are unable to create results, we’ll return the account at no charge or make an offer to purchase your non performing receivable.  Your collection rate and results are guaranteed.